Appe is a Web3 social network with Time2Earn mechanic letting users earn tokens for watching and creating content, and participating in challenges.
Let users monetize time and attention in social media by creating a pre-Metaverse experience, with integrated social, gaming, goals and tokens.
In Web 3.0 each user owns their attention and content.
We distribute part of its value back to users through tokens.
слайдер в мобильной версии.
Sign up and get your free digital avatar
Get reward points for watching content and interacting with others
Find spontaneous rewards
and bonuses from the platform
Social tamagotchi: login daily to keep your avatar active, use energy to get more rewards
Participate in challenges with influencers, and create your own!
Get to silver level: now your rewards are in crypto tokens, that you can convert into real money
Express yourself: purchase digital clothes, pets, and limited memberships
Gold level is there to boost your earnings: sell pets, customized artifacts, or get your avatar a profession. Be a coach, model, or dancer on the platform - earn for real!
Platinum level is the top of your earnings and influence: set up a DAO, hire your own team, promote your brand - all on Appe platform!
We are decentralized and open to change! In our Developers Marketplace anyone can develop new functions for Appe users!
The token is a level 2 token functioning on the Polygon blockchain.
Regular activity on the platform (daily login, posting, engagement, challenges)
Attention from other users (creators and brands choose to reward/incentivize their followers)
Sell pets and merchandize
Add extra energy (ability to uncover lootboxes for longer)
Upgrades of the avatar: distinctive visuals, skills
Unlock avatar after inactivity (see ‘Social tamagotchi’)
Advertising of avatars/profiles, or real-life businesses
Create DAOs and pay taxes (in later versions of the platform)
  • Seed Round
  • Developing the social part and the challenges
  • Development of avatars
  • NFT base set
  • Gamification and internal token
  • Reward points
  • In-app marketplace
  • Multy - chaine wallet
  • Open beta
  • Launchpad release
  • Marketplace for brands
  • Advertising office
  • Blogger Exchange
  • Marketplace development
  • Avatar upgrades: distinctive visuals, skills
  • Pets
  • Strategic round
  • Launch of reward points and tokens, token available to publ
  • DAO community
  • Metaverse integration
  • Evolution of avatar skills,
  • DAOs and events on the platform
Alexander Shcherbina
CEO, entrepreneur
ex-CPO Finam,
social mobile app
Dmitry Novozhilov
СТО, launched more 20
web/mobile products,
blockchain engineering
Maria Kuzmina
СМО, marketing expert,
ex-head marketing
of telecom operator
Margarita Kiseleva
Product manager in web & mobile
Active crypto investor and crypto-enthusiast
Gloria Jeans
Polygon Chain
Nikita Navalikhin
Founder of the low-code web3 platform Directual Blockchain engineering
Stefan Vaskevich
Art director, web/mobile
application development
with 3D/VR/AR, asset
development (games, apps)
Sergey Svistunov
3D devteam Directuar
3D enginer & Metaverve creator PhD
Igor Mann
Marketing strategist & Advisor
How much does a digital avatar cost?
When you register at Appe, you create your avatar for free
How to upgrade the digital avatar?
When you use the social network Appe, you get experience points and coins. In your avatar settings you can spend coins to level up your avatar to the next level
What are skills of a digital avatar? What do they impact?
Avatar skills allow you to accumulate energy faster, receive rare rewards and other items useful for your social networking experience
Skills will depend on the goal category in which you want to develop the avatar. For example, it could be categories of sports, travel, useful habits, personal development
Can I sell my NFT avatar?
Yes, you can sell your digital avatar